Choosing Timber for Your New Floors

Choosing Timber for Your New Floors

When you renovate your home one of the choices that you have to make is the type of flooring that you’re going to put in.  One option is timber flooring, it is a great option and offers you a ton of advantages.  Choosing timber for your new floors is a great option and let’s go over why you should do it.

Advantages of Timber Floors

Timber flooring not only looks good but it adds a tremendous amount of value to your home.  That being said you want something that goes with the overall design scheme of your home.  If you’re trying to achieve a rustic look then timber works perfectly.  It also works well with open concept design and gives your home a warm and natural feeling.  It is warmer and more comfortable than marble or tile and it will last far longer than laminate flooring.

Installing Timber Floors

Timber floors are harder to install than laminate or carpet so you will need an installation team to put in your floors.  It requires special equipment to align the boards properly, and trying to do it yourself can damage the timber.

Choosing the Type of Timber

There are different types of wood that you can choose but oak is by far the most popular.  Oak is versatile and works with nearly every type of interior design.  Oak produces some beautiful boards and you can stain them nearly any color.  If you are considering selling then oak is highly sought after and makes a great choice.


Yes, timber flooring does require more maintenance than other types of flooring but the value makes it worth it.  Your house value will increase so you can look at timber floors as an investment rather than an expense.  Realistically the maintenance isn’t all that much but it is something to consider before you buy the flooring.

Wood flooring makes a beautiful addition to your home and if you are considering selling then it will increase your asking price, buyers always want great wood floors.  It works with nearly every interior design scheme and it makes your home feel warm and inviting.  Genuine timber floors are rugged and durable, so children and pets can have the run of your home without worry.  They do require some maintenance but with the right care you will only have to sand and refinish the floors once or twice in your lifetime.  Choosing timber for your new floors will make your home look spectacular.

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