Choosing the Right Type of Timber for Your Floors

Choosing the Right Type of Timber for Your Floors

You’d think that once you decided to install timber floors that you were done with flooring, oh no, you still have to decisions to make in regards to your flooring.  Deciding on timber is a great choice, it is a beautiful material and add tremendous value to your home.  Here are some other factors to look into once you have chosen timber.

Choosing the Grade

The grade of timber will decide the smoothness of your floors.  Standard grade timber gives you a very natural-looking appearance to the boards on your floor.  If you want something more stylistic then choose character grades instead.  Here is a look at the different grades to help you choose.

What Color Do You Want

The color of your floor makes a huge difference, will it match the furniture and the other fixtures in the house.  Do you want a dark stain or something lighter?  Dark stains make your rooms look smaller.  Choose the ones that work with your overall design scheme.

What Finish Works Best

In addition to the color, you will also need to pick the right finish.  Do you want something really shiny, then choose a satin finish.  If you want something a bit more natural-looking then opt for a semi-gloss finish for your floors.

Choose the Right Wood for Your Climate

You need to also consider the properties of the wood you are considering; wood is affected a great deal by the weather.  If you have kids and pets then you want something durable and hard.  If you live in a really humid area then you want something that can withstand the humidity.  You want to select the right flooring for your area of the country and the lifestyle you lead.

Pick the Size of Your Boards

Boards are measured by length, width, and thickness and you need to select the one that works in your home.  You also need to consider installation at the same time, smaller or narrower boards take longer to install and they will cost more.  If you have a smaller home then wider boards can make it look like you have even less space.  Talking to your flooring contractor and he can help you choose the right size for your home.

The flooring is an important part of your home, the right flooring can make your home look warm and inviting or cold and indifferent.  Wood floors with some great area rugs can make your home look fabulous, but it starts with picking the right flooring.